Malcolm Jenkins

Malcolm Jenkins
Free Safety for the Philadelphia Eagles
Former Free Safety for the New Orleans Saints
Founder / Chairman of The Malcolm Jenkins Foundation

I decided to try MAT after sustaining a knee injury. It was suggested by a friend who had tried MAT and said it helped him tremendously with his back and shoulder problems. After implementing MAT into my weekly routine I had one of the healthiest seasons of my career. I had a season without any injuries to my muscles or ligaments. I’m positive that MAT had a direct positive impact on my vulnerability to injuries. As a football player injuries are a normal part of the game. MAT has helped me limit my exposure to injuries by balancing my muscle strength and stability.

Eric Broussard-Bueno

Eric Broussard-Bueno
Photographer / Videographer / International Travel Blogger for 2 Travel Everywhere

Thanks John! MAT is amazing, and I highly recommend it to everyone interested in maintaining and/or improving their overall strength and range of motion, etc. My eyes have truly been opened to this great, relatively new set of techniques. I’m a believer!

Vickie Barto

Vickie Barto
Librarian / Student Council Advisor at Sam Houston High School

TEN YEARS of chronic hip pain landed me in the office of my orthopedic doctor with what we both thought would be a consultation for a total hip replacement. This persistent hip problem had changed me from a very active (running, tennis, exercise) forty-year-old high school teacher to a couch potato. I visited doctors in Lake Charles and Houston and submitted to arthroscopic surgeries on each hip as well as numerous steroid injections and acupuncture. My orthopedic doctor (Noble) suggested that I see John Foret the MAT specialist as a last resort. From my first visit over a year ago, I’ve made remarkable improvement and can now say I’m pain free! This is a miracle in my eyes, and that’s why I now refer to John as my “miracle muscle man”! MAT is for real and has made an incredible difference in my life!

Hannah Jackson
Former Student Athlete at Saint Louis Catholic High School

I have always had tight hamstrings, which caused my muscles and hips to be out of balance. This was sometimes noticeable when I ran track as it affected my stride. One day when I was having problems at track practice, my coach suggested that I see Mr. John Foret at Muscle Activation of Louisiana. After one session with Mr. John, my times dropped, and they continued to drop after each session with him. I am now running faster than ever, and my high school track team recently won the State Championship. Mr. John played a big part in my success, and I highly recommend him as he is the best! Based on my results, I will continue to include Muscle Activation of Louisiana as part of my training regimen.

Blair Henderson
Saint Louis Catholic High School Graduate and LSU Tiger Athlete
2-Time High School Class 4A State Champion and State Record Holder for All-Time Fastest 800m

MAT was the backbone to my high school career as an athlete. It strengthened my muscles in a way that can’t be duplicated. MAT delivers immediate results and can prevent many common injuries an athlete may encounter. I would recommend MAT to anyone whether you’re an athlete or not.

Jakin Morales
Student Athlete at South Cameron High School

I am a student at South Cameron High School involved in football, basketball, and baseball. My muscles were always tight and never got a break as I went from one sport to another. John was able to pinpoint and show me muscle imbalances that created the tightness and what was causing the limited range of motion in specific positions. After working with John and following specific exercises needed for my muscle system, MAT improved my strength and flexibility throughout my body. I would highly recommend MAT for anyone with muscle issues.

Kellie Webb
Cheerleader at Louisiana Tech University

After receiving mixed opinions from various physicians, my dad recommended trying out MAT. I am an active lifestyle enthusiast who loves running, cheerleading, and working out. I was experiencing constant tingling and shooting pain from my toes up to my back. Mr. John helped me incorporate different MAT exercises into my daily routine and after the first visit, I saw some initial improvement which was very good news for me. After three visits my tingling significantly diminished, and I noticed the exercises were improving my muscle strength and stability. Mr. John identified specific muscular imbalances and improved my overall threshold level to tolerate loads and forces. This therapy has allowed me to get back on track with my active lifestyle and I couldn’t be more thankful!

Brooke Deroche

After not being able to JOG more than 2 miles for the past couple years dues to leg pain, one MAT session with John Foret this week just allowed me to RUN almost 6 miles. My legs were all excited and wanted to continue, but my poor lungs haven’t had that level of cardio in a hot minute and blessed me with a few dry heaving sessions in front of some poor homeowners decorating their lawn for the holidays. Muscle Activation is amazing, and John’s knowledge of it is impressive. BRB as I proceed to read scholarly articles on this gold.

Wanda Shamburger

What has happened to me is nothing short of miraculous! While walking our dog one day, 2 HUGE dogs came running toward us, barking. Not friendly! In my efforts to pull our dog away, whatever movement I made caused immediate shooting pain down my left leg to my foot! The following 18 months were a nightmare! I couldn’t sit for more than 5 minutes…thus, I stood in the back of the church for services, stood at the movie theatre in the aisle, missed local football season, rode on a palette in our van for any trip out of Lake Charles…and on and on! Sciatica and neuropathic pain in my feet sent me to a surgeon in Houston, MRI, though thankfully he said no to any surgery. I had 3 spinal injections with steroids without relief. I have exercised on a regular basis since I was 20 years old. I could walk on a treadmill, and do some elliptical, but little else during this painful time. And, needless to say, emotionally I began to spiral downward. I was at a gym and saw John Foret’s ad for Muscle Activation Techniques. I called and set up an appointment. His knowledge and expertise in the treatment of muscle imbalances turned my life around! After several visits, my pain decreased and I have been pain free for over a year! The visits gradually grew farther apart in weeks, and now I go for a “tune-up” once a month. During my treatment time these last 2 years, John became my personal trainer. He recommended exercises for strengthening, and because exercise has been a part of my life for so long, I did all he told me and asked for more new ones! Consistency in exercise is a vital part of my being pain free. John addresses any weakness he discovers when he “tests” my muscles, and it’s amazing the change! I go to Snap Fitness and exercise for an hour or longer 3-4 times a week. I am strong! I’m able to drive 2-3 hours without stopping to walk around and do an exercise or two for my back! I used to drive 30 minutes, stop, walk around, go again. Not today! I believe God puts people in our lives and uses them to help us, as He has given John the wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and technique expertise that helped me. It’s no coincidence that I saw his ad on a TV when I was at a different fitness center in our area!